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Karats: A Jeweled History Of A Fabled Company

Karats Jewelers

Karats is the premier jewelry retailer in North America. One of the few jewelry firms in the United States with its own diamond grading lab, Karats is also a direct importer of fine diamonds, with one of the largest collection of loose diamonds in the countryThe company maintains a retail website that features an extensive selection of jewelry that includes custom rings, designer rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and more. Providing high-quality quality jewelry at affordable prices, the company has made its mark with innovative designs imbued with elegance and style.

Karats has been owned and operated by the Anand family for six generations, and its history is as rich and colorful as the jewels they offer. Now managed by Akshay Anand, the firm has always adhered to the principles of comfort, customer care, class, integrity, knowledge and exemplary personal service. It is these principles that continue to drive the company toward excellence, even with the launch of the latest Karats Jewelers store in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Karats’ origins

The roots of the company that would later become known as Karats were sown by T.R. Anand, who was by all accounts a business visionary and innovator in every senseAfter India’s independence from British rule in 1947, he wisely recognized the opportunities available in the country’s capital, and relocated his family to New Delhi. There, he set up shop with his eldest son D.C., who would later play an important role in the development of Karats. T.R. Anand himself remains a crucial contributor to the firm’s continued success to this day.

Handing over the reins

When T.R. Anand decided to pass on the family business, there was no better qualified person for the role than his own son, D.C. Having worked alongside his father for many years, D.C. was honed in the traditional values that have made the firm his father started one of the most respected jewelry companies in the country. He also had innovative ideas of his own, and moving and expanding the store to a new location right in the heart of New Delhi proved to be a highly beneficial one. D.C. Anand served as president of the city’s jewelry association for fifteen years.

Ushering in the new generation

After D.C. retired in order to spend more time with his family, the responsibility of running the family business was tasked to Shammi Anand. Representing the 5th generation of the family, Shammi learned the intricacies of the jewelry trade early on from his father and uncles. With a thorough commitment to quality customer service, Shammi played an instrumental role in the continued development of the firm. He remains actively involved in Karats operations to this day.

Karats CEO Akshay Anand

Karats in the 21st century

Today, Karats is absolutely managed by Shammi’s son Akshay Andrew Anand. Primarily responsible for running the company’s high end jewelry store in Overland Park, Andy is every bit as focused on quality and excellence as his forbears were. Striving to maintain the highest level of service that has made Karats such a globally respected name, Andy is fully committed to preserving the company’s legacy while bringing the company in the 21st century.

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